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Monday, January 23, 2012

Where To Metal Detect In Minnesota

It's been awhile since my last post.Being that we're nearing the end of winter,there is no excuse why I can not make another post on the subject on where to metal detect in Minnesota.

Metal detecting in Minnesota is like panning for gold in the Mississippi River..or some creek bed that looks promising to the eye,but the pan would give a person a different result in the end.

I'll start off this topic in an aggressive way.If you must ask why.The reason is we are not in the best sought out of the metal detecting areas in the country.

The bottom line is gold is where you find it,and same goes for the coins we break our back on digging out of the ground.

I know we should all have ethics while out prospecting,but there are many days I'd answer this question with the answer "Where ever you can get away with it".

We all want to know where we can get out there and use our metal detectors,without feeling like we're a target for law enforcement,or un-earthing some national treasures that are suppose to be left alone.

So the question is where?

I'll hit the parks that are low key,or will hit them when traffic is low.I like the rest of you hate drawing attention to myself.Even if just an hour a day to avoid the crowds,I'll work that park an hour a day..Most the time,in other words 99.9% of the time I never have a problem.

I'm out there with a little hand spade...not a shovel,and dynamite.

Carry your it don't draw attention...In other words don't metal detect holding the detector in one hand,and the handspade in another.If you do hold it upwards..(kinda hides it from a distance).

Learn your detector..and avoid pennies in most cases at parks if you're trying to stay low key.A park will look like Normandy Beach if you plan on unearthing pennies.I'm sorry,but in most cases spending a day un-earthing pennies will kill your back in the end...Just a tip..:)

Another place is metal detecting the beaches.You shouldn't have a problem detecting the public beaches.

My most valuable finds are off the beach sand itself,so never feel afraid to detect the more undesirable spots first at a beach.

Hit the beach early..avoid the crowd,and avoid the kids..Kids at times are more worse than someone telling you,that you can't metal detect this area.They stick to you like glue,and it's cute at first,but gets old after awhile..believe me..:)

Where do they hold the 4th of July fireworks in your area?


My opinion..Any place you can use a hand spade to un-earth something..and get away with it.

I have so many experiences I could share with you.

Some campgrounds,and some areas that are great places.They are so littered with trash below the ground.

Bottle caps,tent stakes,alluminum cans,and enough other junk targets that so many areas where we can metal detect are nothing more than a dump of trash,and the only way a person would find anything is if you excavated the ground with shovel & big screens sifting though the sh_t.

You bet there is a silver coin,or a possible ring down there.The point being,in able to find them you'd have to put your detector away,and get a team of archaeologists in there to excavate,and sift through screens for you.

So if you're wondering where the best metal detecting in Minnesota is..believe me.The goods you find will be in the most unsuspecting places.

A friends back yard,a park..a landfill where top dirt is excavated off....Boat Landings...Places where people park.

Private Property we have to avoid..We have no right to trespass.

You'd be amazed what is where in the ground.

I have found change by newly built telephone poles..change in mud holes...along highways...Pretty much where ever there is ground soft enough,and friendly ground for detecting.In other words not in the woods,clumpy fields with hard dirt and rocks..etc..etc..

I metal detect where ever I can,and where I can get away with it.

I'm not making enough in my treasures to pay off fines,tickets,or court fees for treasure hunting...So I play it safe.

Do I see places along the highway,such as old abandoned properties,places where there might have been something,or in other words things that catch my eye?

You're damn right..:)

Rivers..hiking trails...picnic reunion locations..old & present fair grounds...grass around parking lots.

Every back yard has some change..

In the middle of nowhere sits a dime of silver that has no explanation on how it got there.

I love metal detecting where my detector don't make a sound..or give a signal.

When it does in an area like that..always turns up something surprising in some sort of special way.

Start with where not to metal detect in Minnesota.Then go from there.If the ground is workable,and you can get away with detecting it..THEN DETECT IT..:)

Remember ethics..:)

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